The only scalable consultant training framework.

PS Principles specializes in changing the way professional services teams see their customer facing role. We do so for individuals as well as large scale teams through a process of compressed learning and corporate behavior change techniques. Don't send consultants to three-day classes to learn one soft skill when the real need is simply a clearer understanding of what the job of "Consultant" is all about. Join thousands of consultant's from firms such as Dell, EMC, Apttus, and Ceridian in taking a fresh look at the role as a professional services provider and realize that it needn't be full of fire drills.

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The training was beyond expectation!
— Todd Bergstrom | Merit Solutions Senior Consultant


PS Principles specializes helps consulting teams of any size change the way they see their role in front of the customer. By thoroughly investigating the root causes of professional services issues, PS Principles can illustrate the dire need for consultants to become proactive participants instead of reactive passengers. PS Principles then works with the the management team to make some very minor internal operating adjustments that have a profound impact on having these new ideas adopted across the team.

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We train consultants in the details of the Seven Principles as well as train their leadership in the environment necessary to successfully adopt them. By providing high quality training both in-person and online, we can deliver training across small and large teams with ease. 

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Rapidly improving the effectiveness of a professional services team takes more than training. There must also be resources to help the leadership team foster an environment where the principles can become a part of the company culture. PS Principles has developed a library of ready-to-implement processes and templates that will accelerate the adoption of the principles into your team's day-to-day service delivery. 

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