2016 is going to be great. PS Principles' first year of operations blew my mind. The response to the material and the concept of being the "Project Sherpa" has been incredible. Just yesterday I was presenting to one of the world's largest companies and their response to the material was overwhelmingly positive. I love the clients that I'm working with. They understand the need for this shift in perspective. Consulting is an art form, not a skill, so perspective is everything. 

Better still, those that get behind it as a movement within their own organization are showing the benefits. Companies like RES Software, Charles River Development and Spectralogic are seeing improvements in the way their teams perform in front of customers. 

In 2016 I want to achieve the following:

  • Establish the first Consulting Strengths Assessment for evaluating alignment to the PS Principles
  • Build out more animated scenarios for consultants to use as practice
  • Build the first consultant certification exam for the certification of alignment with the PS Principles
  • Add at least 2 more enterprise firms (500+ consultants) to the customer list
  • Develop and release the first version of the PS Principles App for Salesforce

That's a lot of stuff to do, but it's a long year. I'm looking forward to the synergies that I can draw from working with both PS Principles and CirrusCPQ. We are putting a lot of the principles into practice every day and through doing so, continuing to learn more about the principles and how to best use them in practice.