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Consultant Certifications

The only evidence-based certification and skill development program in the industry!

Program Highlights


The PSCC is a program based on providing evidence of completing field-based actions.

World-Class Content

Job-specific content from experts and authors in their fields.

At Scale

From 10 to 1,000 consultants we customize our sessions to meet your needs.

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Increase Profitability

Increase Customer References

Reduce Employee Burnout

By teaching consultants to look at projects from the customer's perspective and coaching them on how to make better project decisions during key moments, leads to a better overall professional services team. We don't teach our students to say "Yes", but lead customers to adopt best practices rather than unique customizations that result in short-term gains in exchange for long-term pain.
Lead Projects to Success We instill the idea that projects MUST be led by the service provider. We teach a model of proactive project awareness so that all consultants, not just the project manager, are focused on keeping the project on track and away from losing its way rather than just waiting to react once that it has.
Reduce Reactive Escalations We teach consultants to look at the project environment proactively so they can identify the telltale signs of customer misalignment and react in real time rather than let the issue persist.

Audience: This training is for all customer-facing roles including project consultants, solution architects, designers, testers, business analysts and project managers.

The Gold Standard

In more than 26 countries organizations are certifying their consultants in the gold standard for customer-facing project skills.

The purpose of this certification is to equip students with the latest training tools and techniques in identifying and working with customer behavior. 

The PSCC is the perfect certificate for both individuals who want to develop their consultant skills on their own time or corporate teams that will have additional access to team tools to share knowledge and foster a community of successful project delivery.


Program Facts

There are 3 certification levels within the program:

PSCC-1 Logo OnlyPSCC-1 (Certified Consultant): Requires no prerequisite, can be obtained through a content-based exam through the Kryterion testing network.

PSCC-2 Logo OnlyPSCC-2 (Certified Project Consultant): Consisting of a series of competent level customer-facing interactions that are submitted for review and approval.

PSCC-3 Logo OnlyPSCC-3 (Certified Project Sherpa): A continuation of the customer-facing interactions but at the leadership level.


Active vs. Inactive: Complete 4 skill steps every 12 months to remain "Active".

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