PS Principles is Creating a New Path to Project Success


Consulting 2.0 is a series of best practices designed and implemented globally by PS Principles in a number of professional services organizations that improve a project and project prtfolio's chances of success. It removes several of the antiquated project review processes that have plagued the industry with inefficiency over the years and replaces them with smarter and more scalable ways of implementing projects.

By reimagining the project delivery process PS Principles has been able to trial and pprove that many alternative approaches are better than the ones being used by most companies today. We take the mindset that professional services consulting firms must commit themselves to do just one thing...deliver projects successfully. In accepting this as an unwaivering commitment, we have found it possible to reinvent project methodology and operational processes that inevitably lead projects down the wrong path.


PS Principles offers an Rapid Alignment Workshop (RAW) that brings your operational managers together for a one-day discovery session that will both identify your delivery teams core operational weaknesses and assist you in determining the fastest and most valuable modifications that can be completed in the next 30-60 days. For most of the modifications, you already have everything you need. We focus on making sure that each modification requires no new hardware, software or additional consulting from us, other than some minor oversight and assistance during the implementation of the modification.


The end result is an enhanced project delivery approach that rapidly accelerates your team's operational maturity. Most firms adopt 4-6 modifications in the first attempt. Once you see the benefits that these modifications achieve, you can run the same workshop again to determine the next set of modifications. The value derived from this one-day workshop is immeasurable because of the fundamental changes we make to your organizations ability to implement projects more successfully with a higher degree of accuracy and quality.

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