PS Principles' Journey Selling


Can't we all just get along? For many years, we've struggled with the pain between the "Promise Makers" and the "Promise Keepers". While adopting the Solution Sell, we've also struggled to with how we can engage the delivery team in helping the Sales team sell. Likewise, we've struggled to get the Sales team to successfully hand the customer over to the Delivery team. Until we get these two teams working better together, the transition point and the carnage that follows is always going to be an issue.

At PS Principles we've spent years working with Sales and Delivery teams across embedded and pure-play professional services organizations. Over that time we've developed an approach to having these two teams work in unison towards one common goal. Making the customer successful. By aligning both teams and the customer around the professional services journey we are able to unify the approach to the sales process, maintain integrity through the process and then adequately prepare the customer for the challenging project delivery process.

If you are interested in learning how PS Principles can help reduce the angst between two of your most important customer facing teams then let us know. We'd love to spend some time with you on the phone and walk you through our approach. Ultimately, we are trying to make both teams understand that the other team isn't really out to get them and the more they learn about each other, the more they realize that they are both on the same side. Contact us for more information.