PS Principles was founded on a belief, which we later proved in practice, that we could teach service providers how to outpace the average rate of project success earned by most companies. One of the many things we learned along the way was that a critical component to the success of a project is the customer's level of preparation, skill and engagement. 

We've learned that no matter how hard a service provider might try to understand a customer solution, the customer will always understand it better and in more detail.

When we looked at complex projects from the customer's perspective we found a number of similarities with the challenges we'd faced and fixed with the service providers operations.

  • Much like a sales team transfers the project to a separate delivery team, a stakeholder spends months getting funding for a project and then delegates (transfers) responsibility to a separate and recently formed project team.
  • Just like a service provider delivery team, this separate customer project team doesn't have the full history and context of the project's journey thus far and must pick it up quickly in order to get the project kicked off. This creates a knowledge gap from Day 1 that we must continue to mitigate.
  • While consultants are sometimes staffed on too many projects and find it hard to focus, the customer project team members are rarely given relief from their day jobs so they suffer from the same lack of focus caused by having to multi-task too many activities.
  • Customer project teams suffer from the same tendency to try and control bad information rather than escalate it quickly. This mean that neither the service provider executive or the customer stakeholder is properly informed about critical issues until it is too late.

After discovering these similarities, we trialed a number of techniques to help customers become more engaged in their own projects. The adoption of this approach by many of our customers has led to an increase in their rate of success because everyone is on the same page from the very beginning of the project. With that experience in hand, we have created training materials to help customers understand what they should be doing in order to prepare their team for project delivery with a PS Principles certified service provider.


One of the advantages of working with a PS Principles' ECP certified service provider is that we have already spent a good portion of our time explaining the importance of customer engagement to them. Our certification program was designed to create a badge that identifies companies who are as dedicated to elevating project success rates as we are at PS Principles.


 PS Principles will provide a free 1-hour online project preparation training class to all customers of our ECP certified service providers. 


Customer Project Readiness (CPR) our free online training provides customers with an overview of how a PS Principles certified service provider should approach the delivery of their project. It also describes to the customer's project team a few of the critical dynamics that they should be aware of during the project as we believe wholeheartedly in fully understanding and then adapting to the project environment. It provides pointers on how to work best with the service provider both from a perspective of listening to their guidance but also on how to hold them accountable. PS Principles is not on anyones side other than the side of trying to do everything we can to improve the rate of success for enterprise projects.


Has your project fallen and can't get up? Give us a call. While we try not to get between customer and service provider, our level of expertise in escalating and resolving project issues is invaluable to companies who are in project crisis mode. We'll give you a free consultation to try and understand the situation and then provide a recommendation if we think we can. That recommendation may include having us help you work with the service provider or we may simply tell you that we wouldn't touch it. Either way, we hope it tells you something about the project will help you move it forward one way or another.


Please follow this link for more information about our PS Principles' Enterprise Certification Program. If you have any other questions about how we might be able to assist you in preparing to make your next project with a service provider successful, please call us on +1 650 731 0001 or on email info@psprinciples.com