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PSCC-1 is the gold standard for the certification of consultants that deliver customer-funded projects and has become the Hi-Tech industry's gold standard. The first in a multi-certificate program, this certificate requires no prerequisites and can be obtained without entering into the broader PSCC Program.

Whether you have been in consulting for 1 month or 10 years, this training will improve the way you deliver your customer-facing projects. 

PS Principles offers live webinar based training led by the author of the Seven Principles of Professional Services monthly. The training uses a case study helps students identify specific customer behaviors and how the training tools and techniques can be used to deal with them in the field. 

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The Project Sherpa Consultant Certification Program

Beyond PSCC-1 there are two more certificates that can be earned. These are based on evidence is collected through the completion of Skill Steps rather than exams. Skill Steps are specific customer-facing interactions which we will guide you to complete. In each of these interactions, you will be putting some of the core training material into practice. Each Skill Level requires a specific set of Skill Steps to be completed and submitted to PS Principles for review. Upon approval of those steps, you will continue to the next level. 

While there are 6 levels to the program, while there are 3 levels of certification.

PSCC-1: Earned after completing Skill Level 1 (which includes passing the PSCC-1 Exam)

PSCC-2: Earned after completing the Skill Steps outlined in Skill Levels 2 & 3

PSCC-3: Earned after completing the Skill Steps outlined in Skill Levels 4 & 5

ACTIVE v INACTIVE STATUS: Complete at least 4 Skill Steps every 12 months to remain "Active"

** Note: PSCC-3 will complete at least 4 activities each year from Skill Level 6 to maintain "Active" status.

Levels of certification can be validated through your surname or PSP ID on our Certification Status Lookup page.

PSCC-1 Logo Only
Consultant Certificate
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Certified Project Consultant
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Certified Project Sherpa


The PSCC has been architected for both individual consultants and entire teams to participate in the same program. We allow individual consultants to develop skills in their own time while providing corporates with additional team-based tools to share knowledge and experienced while developing a team culture of successful project delivery.

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