This book is an outstanding resource for anyone who is involved with the delivery or contracting of Professional Services. Principle #4 is of particular interest (and extremely valuable) for anyone responsible for delivering a service under potentially difficult circumstances. The notion of empathy, understanding and resolution can be readily applied to any aspect of life and business with fantastic results. Not only is this a truly outstanding Professional Services delivery handbook, but a fantastic general business book as well. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the business world. It is exactly on point!
— Franco Anzini, Xactly Corp
The training was excellent, as well as the book. Combined they make a potent weapon for taking our professional services to the next level. As we have our future sessions with the full team I expect the discussion will have to fit in there.
— Anonymous Student from Princple-Led Leadership Class
Shane has the impressive ability to couple universal PS principles with real-world scenarios that truly resonate with his audience.
— Adrian Grbavac, Ceridian
Whether you are just getting started in professional service, a journeyman or a master, The Seven Principles of Professional Services is a must-read book. Shane Anastasi has delivered a quick, concise read and does a super job of laying out a path for delivering PS in a way that pleases customers, promotes a healthy PS practice for your employer and grows practioners’ careers. As a C-level executive responsible for software delivery, I found the book empowering and even bought copies for my entire PS team. Seven Principles should be part of every PS person’s business book library.
— Jeffrey Piper, Spring CM
The framework in The Seven Principles provides a common language for consistent communication and reinforcement across a department that extends all the way to the client-facing side. This allows you to set goals and priorities for not just a consultant, but also a Professional Services organization.
— Paul Ramos, IQMS
A great resource for all PS consultants whether they are industry veterans or just starting their careers. It clearly articulates challenges faced by all consultants and creates a common language to build a healthy and productive PS organization. I had an opportunity to invite Shane Anastasi to deliver a training session to my team. It was high energy, interactive, and full of tips-and-tricks that the team could immediately put into practice and improve outcome from their current engagements. As a PS leader, it is one of the best investments you could make to take your PS organization to the next level!
— Devang Bhavsar, Accelalpha
[I] Actually think it will make a difference in the way I and the company I work for accomplish what we do
— Chirpy (Amazon Reviewer)