After helping so many global customers on align their operating environment with the our best practices and training, we were asked by those dedicated to the idea if we could provide them with a certification. To do this was no small feat. We had to come up with standard that was both meaningful to the service provider's customer, achievable by the service provider and wasn't trying to convince the world that any service provider can execute flawlessly.

After many good and bad ideas and many draft templates we are very excited to announce that we have completed the framework for the

PS Principles 8K CertifiedTM 

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The 8K Certified program recognizes companies dedicated to operating teams of Project Sherpas in the Death Zone (above 8K meters). It signifies a commitment to professional services operations that goes above and beyond any existing operational certification. In fact, it spans such a breadth that it needed to be broken into disciplines in order to make it achievable by service providers in stages. Each discipline represents a significant and demonstrable commitment by the service provider to a series of best practice standards that PS Principles has specified. This series of specifications are available to the service provider's prospects and customers so that they know what to expect from a certified service provider.

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We've worked hard with both service providers and their customers to identify the relevant areas of a professional services team's business that are of interest to its prospects and customers. As a result we've identified the following four areas of certification for the 8K program.
For a service provider to even qualify for the certification there are some basic elements that must be certified. This includes reviewing how the service provider writes its SOWs, the metrics it uses to track success and validating that it has a repeatable process for the estimation and planning of projects. We must also identify which of the service provider's projects are subject to the certifications specifications.
A series of standards focused on ensuring that the service provider attempts to identify and hire people who want to work with customers and then provide them with the necessary onboarding and training to help them learn those skills. 
A series of standards that specify the type and level of project governance that is required for projects within the eligible portfolio. This standard uses many of the PS Principles best practices for proactively assessing project health in order to try and predict when a project needs added assistance.
A series of standards that specify how a service provider can go over and above in the delivery of its service to the paying customer. This includes things like project portals, customer onboarding and adoption materials and so on. The importance of this discipline is the elevated focus on making the customer successful beyond the scope of the SOW.


Getting started is easy. Just let PS Principles know that you are looking into the process and pricing for certification. If you can send us your company name, size and location we will have our regional reseller reach out to you and arrange a time to give you an overview.

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Document Name & Link Purpose
 8K001: Enterprise Certification Program Overview This document gives you a complete overview of the PS Principles 8K Certified program. 
 8K007: Enterprise Certification Policy  This is the document governing the 8K program. All service providers, customers of certified service providers and consultants wishing to work for certified service providers should read and understand this document.