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Skill Development for Services Teams

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Redefining Customer Project Management

Project Dynamics debunks the current success measures for customer projects and redefines them so that project managers can lead towards them. To achieve success, customer-facing project managers must identify and manage the "dynamics" of the project.

  • Leadership Dynamics

  • Budget Dynamics

  • Communication Dynamics

  • Commercial Dynamics

  • Methodology Dynamics

Your One-Stop-Shop for Services Certifications

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Implementation Consultants

The world's leading project consultant certification guiding more than  5,000 participants to act proactively on their current project engagements.

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Project Management

The only project management certification focused solely on the generation of profit from project delivery.


Support Services

We teach support services teams to lead customers to solutions proactively rather than drown in service requests.


Services Selling

Services IS a differentiator than can win product deals if you know how to sell it correctly. We achieve this through Journey Selling!

Artificial Intelligence in Action


Get Your ASK into Gear!

Our learning platform incorporates a secure AI interface that allows your team to have its own personal Field Coach that provides guidance that conforms to your best practices and ours as they do their job. By combining what we already know about the delivery of world-class services with what your team continues to collect while participating in the program we develop a knowledge base that is second to none within your organization. Every employee has access to the right information at the right time and in  the right context to help them achieve success.

One Platform to Teach them ALL!

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Action Learns Faster

Our learning platform  accelerates skill development by guiding learners to put content into action in the real-world.

The outcome is an experience that can be reviewed with a manager and act as evidence for program progress.

This gives an organization everything it needs to accelerate skill development at scale.

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