PS Principles assists consulting teams in creating a more efficient and advanced operating environment. We do this through two main vehicles.


Operations Best Practice Library

We call it "Tactical Consulting". If you have a problem in trying to understand the most efficient way to deal with a specific operational area, we'll simply give you the best practice(s) we have collected over the years and you can pick the best one that suits your circumstances. If you need something tailored to your organization we also do comprehensive SOW, methodology and operating reviews. Our Rapid Operational Efficiency (ROE) workshop  is designed to help teams identify 3-5 operational changes that they can make within the next 60 days that will drastically improve the effectiveness of their project operations. 

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PS Principles 8K CertifiedTM 

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The 8K Certified program recognizes companies dedicated to operating teams of Project Sherpas in the Death Zone (above 8K meters). It signifies a commitment to professional services operations excellence. The specifications helps consulting teams set a benchmark for how they operate and can use the certification to set themselves apart from their competitors. 

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Getting started with 8K is easy. Just let PS Principles know that you are looking into the process and pricing for certification. If you can send us your company name, size and location we will have our regional reseller reach out to you and arrange a time to give you an overview.

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Document Name & Link Purpose
 8K001: Enterprise Certification Program Overview This document gives you a complete overview of the PS Principles 8K Certified program. 
 8K007: Enterprise Certification Policy  This is the document governing the 8K program. All service providers, customers of certified service providers and consultants wishing to work for certified service providers should read and understand this document.