After training almost 5,000 implementation consultants, architect, business analysts and project managers globally we needed to stand by our initial mission of being far more than just a training company. This meant that we had to find a way to guide consultants on how they could continue to hone their skills even after the training was completed. After creating a Consultant Advisory Board and asking for their input and feedback, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the 


PS Principles' Project Sherpa Consultant Certification (PSCC)




Building content is easy. Building content that delivers a repeatable, reusable and long lasting framework is much more difficult. The Seven Principles of Professional Services was developed as an actionable guide for almost any customer-facing circumstance and, as such, if it is only taught and never put into practice, then the investment in the training is wasted.

To move beyond this problem PS Principles had to develop a program that guided consultants to continue their career development by putting the learned content into practice. By giving each consultant the next career progressing step and then tracking the outcome of such a step we are able to develop a certification framework that provides the opportunity for an individual to improve their use of the framework over time. To make this a reality we had to rethink the role of training content and career development steps. The result has been a certification program that is operationally unique. Not only is the content built into the the career path, it is also almost completely automated.


For a limited time we are going to offer the training content for free to any consultant who wishes to take it (normally $150 per person). The PSP101: Consulting Fundamentals course (aka the Seven Principles of Professional Services training) is the same class already delivered to thousands of consultants globally. That means that you can receive world-class content for free and if you feel like receiving the PSCC-1 Certificate and ongoing career steps then you can opt-in to the program simply by sitting for the certificate at any one of the 1,100 locations provided by the Kryterion testing network (or via online proctoring if so desired).


   Find out more at the PSCC Program Portal     



PS Principles welcomes corporate inquiries about the details of the certification program. The program has been designed by professional services executives interested in developing proactive project leadership within the consulting and project management ranks. All tasks within the program have been designed to promote healthy project behavior by asking the consultants to proactively identify potential misalignments, difficult conversations or opportunities to prescribe outcomes within their current projects or review historical projects as a way to analyze behavioral patterns.

If your firm is interested in taking the program as a team please let us know. Our Consultant Advisory Board has suggested a model that both maintains consultant privacy as well as providing employers with the information necessary to successfully manage their ongoing employment.  If you have any questions please send an email to


Sign into PSCC portal with your LinkedIn information or if you have more questions contact us on

The Project Sherpa Consultant Certification covers a wide variety of elements as well as providing the consultant with some useful tools that can be used to further enhance on the job performance. Here is an overview of the program.
Simply join the program and complete the following in order to be awarded the PSCC-1: Consulting Certificate.
  • FREE access to the PS Principles Consulting Strengths Assessment for a personalized readout of your consulting strengths and weaknesses in terms of the seven principles.
  • FREE access to the PSP101: Consulting Fundamentals online training (4.5 hours of content - usually $150 p.p.)
  •  Link to the Kryterion exam booking page to schedule your Consulting Certificate exam.
PSCC-1: Consulting Certificate
After receiving your Consulting Certificate you will be presented with a series of steps categorized by principle as well as your score for each principle from you Consulting Strengths Assessment. This helps you select which areas to focus on first. There are 2 skills cards to complete at this level. The highlights of this level are as follows...
  • Access to the PS Principles Commitment Tracker that allows you to combine your work to-do list with the actions you plan to take on your current projects. You can take any step and add it to your commitment list as a way to remind you to do it.
  • Access to the PS Principles Recognition Engine so that you can give recognition to other consultants who execute the principles. Recognition is a big part of changing behavior not just for the receiver of the recognition but for the sender as well.
  • A list of approximately 18 career steps totaling approximately 25 actions (some need to be done multiple times) to help guide your career progress.
  • Access to the PS Principles Learning Center where we hope to add more training content in the future.
Upon completion of  the two relevant skills cards you will be awarded PSCC-2: Certified Project Consultant. 
After earning your first certification you will work through another two skills cards although the level of difficulty to execute them will increase. In these two levels there are approximately 20 steps totaling approximately 30 actions.
Upon completion of these actions you will be awarded PSCC-3: Certified Project Sherpa.
The highest level of certification. Once you have received this level of certification your list of required actions will become your yearly maintenance requirements. You will be required to complete these actions each year to continue to grow and improve your ability to execute the Seven Principles of Professional Services in the real world.