A complete range of professional services training

PS Principles offers a range of training solutions starting with its foundational delivery framework that then leads on to more nuanced training for various members of the professional services, customer success and support teams. 

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Consulting Fundamentals

The complete delivery framework that utilizes the  Seven Principles of Professional Services to give both new and experienced consultants a complete understanding of how to proactively lead projects to success. This content is the basis for the PSCC Level 1 Certificate.


Outcome: The outcome of this training is to elevate the desire for a consultant to be more proactive and "consultative" in front of the customer. 97% of our participants agree that the training program changed the way they deliver their customer-facing service. This training is available to individuals and corporations through our PSCC Training & Certification Portal.


$200 Training & Certification Exam


$1,050 Training & Certification Exam

4 x 2 Hr Sessions

Led by Shane Anastasi


Saying "No" to Customers

In this training we teach the "PS Principles' Defensible Framework for Professional Services" which provides a way to look at the business of professional services in order to structure arguments for or against common negotiation topics.

Outcome: Our role playing exercises give individuals experience in using the framework to negotiate situations such as negotiating change orders, escalating resource engagement and project slow downs. If you have any specific scenarios you would like us to cover, we are more than happy to add them in.

Instructor-Led Only

Mastering Project Dynamics

For project leaders this class focuses on how customers, service providers and projects interact with each other to achieve success. While incorporating good project management theory, our real focus is on using the dynamic relationships between the entities.

Outcome: Participants will learn how to understand the dynamics created by "a project" and how customers and service providers can leverage those dynamics in order to achieve successful outcomes. In essence, project leaders will be more successful in running projects because they will have a new set of tools that are more effective than those taught through basic project management techniques.

Instructor-Led Only

Effective Project Meetings

This class starts with the PS Principles' TORQUE framework for project meeting management. After that, we dive deeper into the decision making frameworks available to us in meetings and discuss which approaches are best suited for the different kinds of project meetings (design sessions, project updates, steering committee, etc.).

Outcome: Participants will learn a solid framework for the effective management of project meetings as well as learn to tailor the decision making models they are using within meetings to achieve better outcomes.

Instructor-Led Only

Managing Project Stakeholders

For project leaders, keeping the project stakeholders engaged is a critical part of project success. This class focuses on providing an ongoing framework for the constant identification and engagement of the right people within a project.

Outcome: Participants will learn how to identify, engage, communicate and escalate to the project stakeholders. This will ensure that project information (good and bad) flow freely throughout the project so that issues are not a surprise.

Instructor-Led Only