Lead Your Customers to Success

PS Principles specializes in transforming the way professional services teams see their customer facing role. We do so for individuals as well as large scale teams through a process of compressed learning and corporate behavior change techniques. Don't send consultants to three-day classes to learn one soft skill when the real need is simply a clearer understanding of what the job of "Consultant" is all about. Join thousands of consultant's from firms such as Dell, EMC, Apttus, and Ceridian in taking a fresh look at the role as a professional services provider and realize that it needn't be full of fire drills.

Consultant Training & Assessment

PS Principles helps consulting teams of any size transform the way they see their role in front of the customer. By thoroughly assessing your teams capabilities and then guiding you through the transformation process we can rapidly accelerate your team in 30-days. Sounds amazing right? It is. Click below to learn more or simply contact us and we'll introduce you to customers who have already made the transformation.

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Consulting 2.0
Consulting 2.0 is a new set of operational best practices for operating project-based consulting firms. If you are delivering projects to enterprise customers, then Consulting 2.0 can help you identify advanced operational enhancements that will help you keep your projects on-track.
All of the consulting 2.0 best practices are in use today by leading edge consulting firms and were pioneered by PS Principles to address some of the inherent shortcomings of today's project methodolgoies and operations.
Journey Selling
Journey Selling is the PS Principles way of having the Sales Team and the Delivery Team working in unison to close the deal and then implement it successfully.
PS Principles has cut its teeth in many embedded and pure-play professional services organizations and we have learned how to achieve success by having these two firms work better together. 
By aligning our approach to Services Selling and our approach to Service Delivery, we can hep any organization reimagine it's corporate goals and achieve greater sales throughput with less project issues and escalations. 
Global Training

We deliver global training rollouts through online, in-person, via teleconference and directly into your existing LMS. our rollout program is built for global companies from 1 to 10,0000 consultants.

Try the PS Principles' Consulting Fundamentals course online now for only $150. If you are unsure about the value, please look at our testimonials.

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