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Skill Development Platform

The most effective skills development tool available.

Evidence Based Learning

Participants submit evidence of completing specific field-based actions to progress through the program. This focuses on the completion of action rather than content consumption.

Industry Programs Ready to Go

While the Skill Development Platform can be used to learn any skill our industry programs are ready to go. These include:

  • Customer-facing Project Management (CFPM)
  • Customer-facing Consulting (PSCC)
  • Support Services Consulting (SSP)
  • PS Management (EMP)
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Learn from Experience

The evidence collected through our programs are curated by their team's subject matter experts and then published to a Wisdom Catalog but can also be published directly into the program curriculum so that future participants have the latest and greatest wisdom available to them as they learn.  

A.I. Services Knowledge

ASK is our secure AI interface to the program's collected wisdom. It provides every employee with a personal just-in-time field guide that can be used to address complex situations by finding the write best practice for the right situation in the right context.  

Dynamic Training Content

Imagine training content that ALWAYS up to date with the latest best practices from the field.  It's here:

  • Training Delivery based on Action AND Content
  • Integrated Manager involvement and Feedback
  • Best Practice Collection and Publication
  • Best Practice Curriculum Integration
  • Prebuilt Industry Certifications:
    • Consultant Certification
    • Project Manager Certification
    • Support Services Certification
  • AI driven inquiry for in-the-moment use

Learn - Do - Review

We have built our solution around the world's leading cognitive research. The result is a unique blend of content, action and manager coaching. Combined with world-class trainers for the programs we offer, there is no faster way to change the way an entire team looks at their role within the organization.

All of our materials are focused on proactive approach that inspires participants to own their 100% and become the masters of their own destinies. This confidence helps customer-facing resources to not be "led astray" but to protect the integrity of the products they implement and the profits the profits upon which their future stability relies.

This is how we succeed

It's outrageous that companies can't tell if a training investment is paying off. SDP solves that by providing clear reporting that tells you if learners have taken content and put it to use in front of clients or in the process of completing business. The reality is you want an ROI, so we track it. We give you all the information you need to constantly evaluate if the content you are learning is having an impact on the way you do business..


Seeing is Believing

Let us show you how it works, give you references and answer your questions.

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