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Corporate Sponsors

Skill Development at Scale

Outcomes from Corporate Sponsorship

Higher CSAT

Increased Profit

Less Burnout



Improved Customer Satisfaction

The PSCC Corporate Sponsor program ensures that your entire team is trained in the art of leading customers throughout their project journey and continuing to practice it while in the field.  More than any other certification the PSCC ensures that skills continue to be developed after the initial training by reusing the content and putting into practice.
Increased Project Profitability We must make customers happy AND achieve our financial targets. The PSCC guides consultants on how to achieve this delicate balance. Corporate Sponsorship makes consultants aware of the dynamics within the business that lead to more profitable projects so that they can spot revenue leaks and future profit leakage and deal with or report them sooner.
Reduced Consultant Burnout Corporate Sponsorship demonstrates that you understand that customer-facing project delivery is difficult. Hence you invested in a program that teaches them how to deal with those difficulties rather than just let them flounder. We do not promise to make the job of a customer-facing consultant easier, we just aim to give them the knowledge and tools that can be used to make it more successful and enjoyable.
ROI Tracking Want to know if your investment is working? We can tell you. Our ROI tracking tool captures ROI moments within the field so that you can get a sense of how often the new methods are having an impact on your project's profits. We capture more than 15,000 saved hours of rework and hundreds of avoided escalations in our system every year.

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How Does My Org Become A Corporate Sponsor?

It's simple and easy to become a PS Principles corporate sponsor.

The first step in becoming a PS Principles corporate sponsor is to get in touch to see how PS Principles and your company can work together.

Once your company joins the program, we will add you to the list of corporate sponsors, link to your company's website like the companies above. We ask that you do the same and add a link to your website mentioning the program.

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Why Become A Corporate Sponsor?

There are several advantages to becoming a corporate sponsor that include:

- Learn from the #1 professional services training program

- Enhance the credibility and skills of your consultants

- Use as a recruitment tool for new talent

- Reduced exam fee (from USD $300 to USD $100)

PS Principles - Corporate Sponsors

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