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Project Management Dynamics

The only evidence-based certification and skill development program in the industry!

Program Highlights

Real World Experience

This program is considered best in class jam packed with real world insights and knowledge.

Actionable Content

Project Management Dynamics teaches tools and techniques that can be put to immediate use.

Make Money - Get References

Project Dynamics teaches PM's how to make money from projects while keeping customer's referenceable.

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Increase Profitability

Increase Customer References

Reduce Employee Burnout

We coach project managers how to identify the intentions and actions of paying customers so they can encourage positive behavior while also nullifying negative ones. Project managers will also be able to identify moments to create leverage and to counter leverage means that projects continue to progress with less incidents and result in better outcomes.
Improved Customer Relationships We teach project managers how to read the customer environment and identify those people who can be relied upon for proactive assistance in achieving success and those who may potentially be holding the project up. The net result is that we engage more of the customer's organization while finding a solution to deal with those that may become unproductive.
Better Contract Management We empower project managers to confidently write and manage the Statement of Work as a tool to help make projects more successful. Rather than allow an SoW to imprison the team into a solution that nobody wants, we help them reimagine the SoW as a powerful tool that both the customer and the service provider can use to achieve success.

Audience: This training is for all customer-facing project managers.

Project Management Dynamics

Our newest program helps project managers focus on achieving the core measures of success on a customer-facing project. Make money while achieving customer references and not burning out the consulting team. 

We do this by moving away from technical PM's skills such as project plans and look more intently on relationships between stakeholders, their teams and their intent.

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Program Facts

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Stages of project dynamics
  • Role of leverage and consequence
  • Customer evaluation framework
  • Managing client relations
  • Managing Executive Sponsors
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