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CFPM Certification

The only evidence-based certification for Customer-facing Project Managers

Program Highlights

Real Experience

CFPM™ shows project managers how to protect their project P&L's against customer leverage.

Real Evidence

We ask project managers to provide evidence of proactive leadership for you to review.

Real Benefits

We help you calculate an ROI based on the project managers real-world behaviors.

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CFPM™ Level



Project Dynamic Fundamentals: We teach project managers how to look at the customer-facing project environment in a way that deals directly with customer expectations, engagement, consequences and leverage. We redefine the definition of success so that the project manager is aiming to secure a customer reference, while reaching their financial targets and not burning out their consultants on every project. This level includes content and skills steps that guide the project manager towards an exam to achieve CFPM-1 certification.
CFPM-2 Advanced Project Dynamics: We teach the project manager to look deeper at the customer's behavior and develop proactive strategies to help the customer focus on their project so that progress is maintained without causing revenue impact. We elevate the techniques taught in CFPM-1 so that project managers feel empowered to hold customers accountable throughout the project journey while remaining proactive and attentive to their needs. This level includes content and skills steps that guide the project manager towards an exam to achieve CFPM-2 certification.
CFPM-3 Methodology Dynamics: We look at how different methodologies impact the project's ability to be successful. Without creating a preference for any specific methodology we simply outline the strengths and weaknesses of both waterfall and iterative and provide proactive actions that can help make the project successful regardless of the method being used. This level includes content and skills steps that guide the project manager towards an exam to achieve CFPM-3 certification.
CFPM-4  We continue to ask the customer-facing project manager to provide evidence of completing specific elements of the content in the real world and submit them to their manager for approval. Upon completing all steps the project manager will be awarded the CFPM-4 upon completion of of a PS Principles audit.
CFPM-5 Upon earning CFPM-5 the project manager becomes a leader within the program. They now mentor others within the program to maintain their certification. This is done by taking on a mentee, writing knowledge articles and approving the experience logs submitted by other project managers. Essentially, we help you develop your project management center or excellence.

Audience: This training is for all customer-facing project managers.

Project Management Dynamics

Our newest program helps project managers focus on achieving the core measures of success on a customer-facing project. Make money while achieving customer references and not burning out the consulting team. 

We do this by moving away from technical PM's skills such as project plans and look more intently on relationships between stakeholders, their teams and their intent.

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Program Facts

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Stages of project dynamics
  • Role of leverage and consequence
  • Customer evaluation framework
  • Managing client relations
  • Managing Executive Sponsors
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