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Journey Selling

Trust Sells

Program Highlights

Trust over Truth

Use the truth to gain the customer's trust rather than scare them.


Identify the key characteristics that make you more trustworthy than your competitors.

Sell the Journey

Recognizing the journey's danger but get the customer to trust your leadership.

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Consistent Alignment

By selling the journey, rather than the outcome, the customer is aligned with how services are delivered in the real world. This not only excites the customer to want to take the journey but it helps put the services team in a position to deliver upon the expectation that was created.


By focusing on how we keep customers safe along their project journey we immediately begin to separate ourselves from our competitors. Soon enough, they are wondering why the other companies aren't talking to them about the same things and set you apart from the pack.

Hands On

We take the time to have your team build and present example approaches to selling your team's strengths. We teach them how to look at Statement of Works, estimation and deal closure so that they are all working together using the same approach. 

Sell More Product

Journey Selling is designed to integrate with software selling. It gives the sales team (product or services based) the ability to differentiate and gain the customer's trust while also setting the services team up to deliver on the promises made. Reach out to get more information on how we can help your teams sell more. 


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